Preparatory School

JEQ Preparatory was established in January 2015 as the need arose to fill the gap between the Female, Male Hifth and the Pre-Primary school which caters for learners up to the age of 6. After much planning, the Preparatory school was established to cater for Grades 1, 2 and 3.


We are a small, dual curriculum school that is child-centred, independent and progressive. A school that is driven by dedicated staff who personify our integrated model. We are registered with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) and our learners follow the CAPS curriculum and simultaneously integrate Qur’anic themes in all subjects. We recognize and take cognizance of the full potential of children and set targets that will prepare them to be excellent hufaath as well as academically sound learners. A school that seeks to develop individuality through relationships.

In 2017 we moved into our new building on the Female Hifth Campus. We started in 2015 with 25 learners. To date we have 132 learners at our school. In 2017, Nadiema Benjamin, after being a teacher in the Pre-Primary, was appointed as principal. She has been with JEQ for ten years. She is assisted by her deputy Fatima Bibi Buckus who has a BEd degree in foundation phase and has been employed at the school for the last 7 years.

The philosophy of JEQ Preparatory focuses on inclusivity, differentiation, academic excellence, and proficiency in Quranic reading. All this takes place within the dynamic school environment where educating for an unlimited future is our goal. The learners are encouraged to develop skills in all areas of their education – academic, Islamic, social and emotional, sport, cultural and spiritual – while maintaining their individuality and growing their own personal strengths.



In the Foundation Phase we aim to foster the complete development of the child; academically, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and culturally. We do this within the framework of a happy, nurturing and progressive school environment. We have three grades – one to three – and each grade consists of two classes. There are six Foundation Phase teachers and they are assisted in the classroom by Learnerships and Mualimas. JEQ PS adheres to the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). This curriculum consists of Home Language (English), Mathematics, Life Skills and First Additional Language (Afrikaans). Reports are distributed to parents at the end of each term and regular Parent/Teacher interviews take place throughout the academic year. Assembly marks the beginning of each day. At this time, we recite Surah Fatigah, the 3 Quls, part of Surah Yaseen and Ayatul Qursi. On Fridays we convene a special assembly where the format consists of the daily recital, as well as an Islamic story that relates to the theme of the week.


Added to our curriculum is our unique Islamic programme which includes Arabic, Fiqh, Seerah, Tauheed and Adaab. We use the Yassarnal Quran Part 1 and 2 for identifying and mastering the concepts that will enable the learner to read the Quran fluently. This will benefit them once they do the inside reading of Juz 29 and 30 after which they will then start the memorisation of the Holy Quran. The learners are tested by the hifth specialist, Sheigh Suleiman Benjamin and his team before they can move on to the next concept. This ensures that the learners are ready to progress and eliminates stagnation and repeats. Continuous testing of back lessons ensure that they consolidate and remember the work learned. This process ensures a smooth transition into the Hifth School once they have completed Grade 3.

Extra murals

Every child at JEQ Preparatory School participates in a weekly PE lesson which is conducted on a Thursday. We also offer extra mural activities which is facilitated by outside service providers. All these activities are done at specific times during school hours which does not affect their contact time with the teacher or maulima.
Monday: Culinary Kids – cooking activities
Tuesday: Curious Cubs – science experiments
Wednesdays: Europa Soccer
Thursdays: Karate
Fridays: Action Ball

Our extramural programme is not compulsory. This makes every activity a meaningful and fun experience for everyone involved. The staff and designated service providers are determined to keep the extramural programme running smoothly and as exciting as possible.


Several facilities are found on the property: Library, Auditorium, Intervention room, Astro Turf

School times

Monday – Thursday: 07h50 – 14h30  |  Friday: 07h50 – 11h00

Male Hifth Institute

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Preparatory School

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