Female Hifth Institute

The girls’ school was officially opened on the 23 January 2006 at the Habibia Sufi Masjid premises. Initially 50 girls were registered ranging in age from 4 years to 18 years.


The girls’ campus has since relocated to a permanent premises in Schaapkraal. The Female Institute can accommodate a maximum of 120 learners. The Institute was administered by Faiza Lamara-Toefy since inception until 2018.

The school is managed and overseen by the principal Sheikh Suleiman Benjamin who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic studies and Arabic from the University of Medina, Saudi Arabia. He is currently pursuing his post graduate certificate in education at UNISA. Sheikh has been with the institute since 2003 and is supported by a vice-principal Ml Fatima Thebus who completed her hifth under the guidance of Sh. Muhammad Adams.


Hifth Programme

New learners will commence on a learning model consisting of 4 levels before graduating. This process lasts between 4 to 6 years. Each level has a head of department (HOD) who administers the progress of the individual ensuring a high quality of education is maintained. Refer to Quran Hifth Program.


Learners are taught Modern Standard Arabic, including grammar and Tafheemul Quran (Understanding of the Quran). They are also taught translation of selected verses.

Islamic Studies

Our Islamic studies consist of Arabic, Touheed, Fiqh, Seerah and Adaab. Our objective is to mould the learner to become an informed practicing Muslimah.

Academic Programme

All learners are taught Mathematics and English in accordance with the curriculum of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).


JEQ’s extra mural activity is compulsory for all hifth learners. Extra-mural codes such as kick-boxing, arts & crafts and netball are offered to learners at our female campus which takes place on Saturdays.

School times

Monday – Thursday: 07h30 – 15h00  |  Friday: 07h30 – 11h00 Saturday: 07h30 – 10h00



Kaltuma Rhoda – First learner to graduate


Fatima Karbary – First learner to complete memorization of Quran in 18 months


Thaakira Adams
Yusra Davids
Ayesha Sampson – Second learner who completes memorization of the Quran in less than 18 months


Nabeelah Bakkus
Thaakirah Abdurahman
Ayesha Saheb
Laila Siers
Zainab Johnstone – Third learner who completes memorization of the Quran in less than 18 months


Mariam Osman
Fatima Amos
Fatima Mohamed
Kauthar Antar
Kauthar Sasman
Gouwa Dirk
Nasreen Ismail – First Pre-School learner completes memorization of the Holy Quran at Girls’ School


Sideeka Davids
Kaamila Cornelius
Ameerah Steer
Wahbah Taliep
Raeesah Nordien
Aakifah Antar
Raeesah Mohamed
Faiza Davids
Amiena Fisher
Ayesha Baradien
Raadhiyah Mathee
Minhah Craig
Ayesha Dien
Ilhaam Sadak
Salmah Daniels
Anan Ariefdien – Youngest student (10 years old) completes the memorization of the Holy Quran


Abeda Sheik
Nurah Majiet
Ilhaam Abrahams
Zayaan Hendricks
Fatima Osman
Zainab Marlie
Raeesah Hoosain


Khadija Noor Mohamed
Imaan Nordien
Salmah Mohamed
Raabiah Cassiem
Kauthar Kellerman


Wasfeeya Altalib
Ameera Sonday
Aakifah Galant
Sumaya Ebrahim
Kouthar Williams


Mariam Abrahams
Isra Cummings
Aaliyah Booley
Shameem Gaidien
Rabia Lambert
Ilhaam Nackerdien
Fatima Parker
Azraa Paleker
Aaminah Peters


Zahraa Abrahams
Kauthar Achmat
Qudsiyyah Adams
Rashieda Ahmed
Imaan Delange
Safiyah Galant
Soliegha Gaidien
Aaminah Hendricks
Imaan Jumat
Mishkah Latief
Nasheetah Marinus
Ammaarah Rossie
Wardiah Stemmet


Saadiya Royker
Thanaa Adams
Khadeeja Baba
Kauthar Gallie

Male Hifth Institute

Tel: 021 703 9324
Email: mhi@jeq.co.za

Female Hifth Institute

Tel: 021 007 3368
Email: fhi@jeq.co.za

Pre-Primary School

Tel: 021 007 3368
Email: pps@jeq.co.za

Preparatory School

Tel: 021 007 3368
Email: pps@jeq.co.za

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