Male Hifth Institute

JEQ Male Hifth Institute is situated in Kraal Road, in the sub rural area of Schaapkraal. Our structure accommodates for 180 learners and has boarding facilities for 20 learners. These learners are privy to a squash court and a large playground.


Since our inception at the Schaapkraal property in 2001, 155 learners have successfully graduated. The majority of our graduates lead the Taraweeh salaah at various Masaajied locally as well as abroad. Our learners have the opportunity to participate in hifth competitions, especially those hosted by different organisations. Of those who have excelled, have gone on to achieve accolades in the international arena.

In striving for excellence in the memorisation of the Holy Quran, our program allows the learner to know the Holy Quran by memory at the highest level, with the mercy of The Almighty. However, our primary goal is for him to leave our institution as an ambassador of Islam, displaying sound character and behaviour.


The process of learning learning starts with the correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet, the rules of Tajweed and are then given the tools to memorize the Quran. Once memorisation starts, the following needs to be adhered to: taking new lessons (sabaq), revising the current chapter (juz) and concentrating on the back lessons (old lessons). Once all 30 chapters have been memorized, the learner then consolidates his memorisation of the Quran by reading between 3 to 5 chapters per day. This entire process normally varies from learner to learner and can be completed over a period of 4-6 years. Finally, the learner graduate is tested by having to recite from memory anywhere in the Quran. This process of adjudication is done by an external panel of Qurraa.

The journey of the learner is carried out by dedicated teaching staff who continue to deliver sterling work. In conjunction with the memorisation of the Holy Quran, integral subjects like Adaab, Fiqh, Tajweed, Arabic, Touheed and Seerah are also being taught. Fully integrated with our Quran program and Islamic study subjects, is an academic support program which will allow our learners to easily reintegrate into the school system after graduation. The teaching of Mathematics and English are taught to specific phase groups, namely Intermediate phase (grade 3-6) and Senior phase (Grade 7-9).

School times

Monday – Thursday: 07h30 – 15h00  |  Friday: 07h30 – 11h00 Saturday: 07h30 – 10h00