The Establishment of JEQ Preparatory School

JEQ Primary was established in January 2015 as there was a need to complete the circle that was already established and well functioning. There was a pre primary catering for the very young ones and a girl’s institute for the young ladies and a boy’s institute catering for young boys from around 10 years old. There was a gap between the pre-primary and the two institutes.

After much planning the primary school was established to cater for the in between ages. 

Over 30 years ago an association for Muslim schools was established in the UK and since then a lot of research and planning has taken place. Many Muslim schools have been established all over the world and a lot of fantastic work has already been done in this regard.

The time is right for taking Islamic education to the next level and JEQ is bold enough to tackle this task head on. Research has shown that the transformation of an education system takes around 30 years to stabilise so we are well placed to do this.

We are registered with the Western Cape Education Department wand we have developed a programme whereby our learners will memorise the Qur’an as well as make meaning of all the knowledge that they gain. We are using the Qur’an as the basis of all knowledge and perhaps this will be the difference with Muslim schools the world over. We do not see the Qur’an as an add-on to the academics but rather as the basis of our whole programme.

Together with CAPs we use the Yusuf Islam program called Skills for Life as well as the Qur’an itself to give the children a beautiful, holistic education that sees Islamic and Academic as one package.

We are wilfully countering this anti academic culture that exists in Muslim institutions and we are establishing the fact that Muslim schools can offer the highest standard of education that is required to allow our children to take their rightful place in societies globally. We recognise and take cognisance of the full potential of children and set targets and challenges that will prepare them to be great as hufaath and great in any career they choose to follow.

 In this way we hope to produce balanced Muslims who will make their mark insha’ Allah as great pioneers that Islam was famous for centuries ago.  The Skills for Life programme is designed to expose learners to past civilizations of great Muslims to inspire them to achieve. Insha’ Allah

Currently we have 16 children in grade 1 with Fatima Mohamed as their teacher and a multi-grade class of 5 grade 2s and 5 grade 3s with Shafeeqah Mohamed as their teacher. In the Qur’an programme we have Sheik Abdul Karriem as the supervisor and Mualima Arshiyah Ismail as the main Qur’an teacher.

The principal is Nazeema Omar who developed the Skills for Life curriculum for Yusuf Islam and wrote the textbooks based on the series. She has been in education since 1977 and in the last 20 years or so has been involved in textbook writing for publishers such as Maskew Miller Longman and Oxford University Press. She has been involved in education research not only for the department of education but also for universities. She was a whole school evaluation supervisor for the Western Cape Education Department. She has conducted many teacher training workshops nationally and participated in Islamic education conferences nationally and internationally.  She is presently an advisory board member of IBERR- which is the International Board for Education Research and Resources.