Further Information

Please make sure that your child comes to school well prepared for the day in comfortable clothing and shoes (not too loose or too tight). A spare set of clothing and underwear must be in the child’s bag daily. It is essential that all clothing and other belongings be suitably marked with the name and surname of the child. All uniforms must be in good repair, in a good condition and well cared for.

SNACKS: Please pack a healthy snack including a fruit daily.
No sweets allowed.

CORRESPONDENCES: Each learner must have a message book. This will be the communication between the parents to the school and vice versa. Please check your child’s message book daily for correspondence and sign the message book daily. Your circulars will be issued via this message book. All “Outing” monies to be in a clearly marked “moneybag” or “envelop” and stapled into the message book.

ILLNESS / ABSENTEEISM: If your child is ill and cannot attend school, please inform us early in the day, preferably before 08h30. Learners who are ill are not allowed at school because of the risk of infecting others. A doctor’s certificate must accompany the learner on the day the learner returns to school.

LATE COMING: Learners must be punctual. Continuous latecomers will miss important and valuable information daily. Records are kept daily of all latecomers.

EARLY DEPARTURES: If a learner needs to leave early, the parent must contact the principal telephonically requesting permission and a written notice must be in the message book and signed by the parent. In the case of an emergency, where the learner has to leave the school’s premises immediately, the parent or guardian will sign a register, thus releasing the learner from the school’s custody.

DROPPING AND FETCHING LEARNERS: Please inform the school if there is a change of person who normally collects your child. Please make prior arrangements with the school. We will not release your child to any person we do not know. In order for your child to get the full benefit of his/her education and the necessary quality time at home, all learners must be dropped off and collected on time.

PARENT MEETINGS / WORKSHOPS: This will take place at least once a term. It is imperative that at least one parent attends. On arrival at our parent meetings, an attendance register must be completed and signed.

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: Holidays will coincide with the government schools. We will occasionally open a day later than the government schools, reason being that teachers need time to prepare the environment for the learners. The entire school is closed on public holidays and a day before and after for the two EIDS, (Eid-ul Fitr and Eid-ul Adha).

DAILY MADRASSAH: Learners will attend Madrassah in their religious attire.The Surat and the Quraan used in the classroom should be placed in a plastic A4 envelope sleeve to protect it form water damage. The Surat/Quraans are obtainable at the school @ a cost.

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: In the Montessori environment we celebrate birthdays in a very special way. Parents are allowed to come and join us on that day if they so wish. We would need photographs of your child from birth and each year thereafter. Please ensure that the teacher receives the photographs 3 days prior to the learner’s birthday so that a timeline on cardboard can be prepared. Party packs filled with healthy food will be appreciated e.g. juice, fruit, popcorn, muffins, dried fruit, yoghurt, etc.

FUNDRAISING: Parents are expected to participate in fundraising e.g. Sports Day, Eat and Treats, High Teas, Concert and other fundraising events. These are wonderful social events where we all get to know each other.

OUTINGS: We go on regular outings, at least once a term, depending on our theme. The costs of these outings are separate and depend on our destination.

EXTRA MURAL ACTIVITIES: Any extra murals are optional and at an additional cost to the parents. Information regarding extra mural are issued via the message book. (Action Ball and Karate)

AFTERCARE FACILITIES: We unfortunately do not cater for an aftercare. However, should the need arise and we can make alternative arrangements

Learners Uniform

The school uniforms are obtainable directly from the school. The appropriate uniform must be worn daily. The appearance of the learners in uniform must promote a good public image of the school. It is expected that all learners of Jam’Eyyatul Qurra’ Pre-Primary School wear his /her school uniform to and from school including quarterly outings.
School tracksuit (black with green logo)
School long sleeve sweater (green with black logo)
White fez
White thaub (Fridays)
Black socks
Black shoes
School bag
School tracksuit (black with green logo)
School long sleeve sweater (green with black logo)
Black burqa
White thaub (Fridays)
Black socks
Black shoes
School bag
BOYS: Hair must be neat and short.
Jewellery confined to a wristwatch only.
NOT ALLOWED: coloured fezes, hair extensions,
distinct layers in hair, artificial dyeing of hair, make-up and earrings.
GIRLS: Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied.
Hair must be neatly tied to the back with green or black fasteners.
Jewellery confined to a wristwatch only. Stud earnings allowed.
NOT ALLOWED: nail polish, make-up, coloured scarves

Fees and Visitation

PARENT VISITATIONS: The Principal will only interview parents by appointment on official school days. Parents are not allowed to visit educators during teaching times as this disrupts the class. Parents who wish to see the principal or the educators must make an appointment.
Application fee
R 300 Due on Application
Re-registration fee
R 200 Due by the end of November of this year
Development fee
R 500 Annual compulsory fee due 31 March
School fee for the year
R 13800 Payment structures available
We have arranged the following payment plans for your convenience.
All monies to be up to date my the 7th November. [All 12 months]
Monthly fees
R 1150
Due by the 7th of each month in advance.
Quarterly fees
R 3300
Due by the 15th of January, April, July & October
Annual fee
Due by the 07 February
Failure to meet the above dates timeously will result in parents having to pay the normal monthly payments. No discount will be given on late payments. You will be billed accordingly. No post-dated cheques to be deposited into JEQ’s banking account.
Failure to pay fees may lead to legal action being instituted against the parent who will also be held responsible for all legal costs.
The school cannot be held responsible, for any injuries or accidents that your child may sustain on or off the school’s premises. All learners to attend all school outings and the school cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during school outings.
A staff member will take your child to the nearest doctor in an emergency if they cannot contact the emergency contact person on the application form, timeously. The parent/s shall bear all costs of such emergency treatment.

Stationary List

I.D. current photos
Face-cloth with a loop
Hand towel with a loop
Dairy DAILY RECORD BOOK [cost R20]
A5 Diary [cost R15]
A4 2Quire hardcover book – WORK BOOK
Blunt-nosed scissors
Thick Crayons
Monami pencil crayons
Tri-grip HB pencils (grade R – 3x)
Ruler (30cm)
Whiteboard size A4
Whiteboard makers (red, green, blue and black)
Colour-in books (minimum 100 pages)
Pritt (40g)
500 page photocopy paper (80g)
50 clear plastic sleeves
50pg flip file
Coloured cardboard
Boxes of tissues (200) one per term,
Dishwashing liquid ‘sunlight’ 750ml
Bottle of Jik 750ml
Air Freshener
Handy Andy 750ml
Bottle of Dettol / Savlon 750ml
Toilet rolls
Liquid hand soap [Dettol/lifebuoy]
Please ensure that the learner has all of the above on the first day of the 1st term.

School Terms and Information

We look forward to welcoming your son /daughter to our school in 2015. Together we shall endeavour to ensure that he/she settles down quickly to play a full and active part in the daily life of the school.
In order to enable all new learners to meet both the staff and their peers and to familiarize themselves with the school, we have arranged the following.
ORIENTATION DAYS: new learners only
Wednesday - Friday
21st - 23rd January
09h00 – 11h00
Monday – Friday
26th – 30th January
08h00 – 11h00
Orientation days will take place from the first day of the first term 21st January 2014 until Friday 30th January 2015. Thereafter normal times will resume.
SCHOOL HOURS: 08h00 - 12:45 Monday - Thursday
08h00 –11h00 Fridays
Wednesday 21January
Tuesday 31 March
Tuesday 14 April
Thursday 25 June
Tuesday 21 July
Thursday01 October
Tuesday 13 October
Tuesday 08 December
EDUCATORS TERMS: Our educator’s terms are the same as government educator’s terms.

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