Academic Support Program

The JEQ Board has realized that part of our vision is to ensure the full integration of all learners into the mainstream education after the successful completion of their Hifth studies.

The academic support programmes was introduced to facilitate this. We currently offer three subjects, namely: English, Mathematics and Science.

JEQ is now the threshold where the Academic Support Program will be offered to not only the students leaving for mainstream school but to all students of JEQ. The intention of this approach is to enforce and develop the thinking of the students long before they enter mainstream education.

Montessori Pre-school

Learning is a natural and spontaneous urge in all children. Understanding this secret, has led us at Jam 'Eyyatul Qurra' Pre-Primary School to combine the proven Montessori system with the tested memorizing methodology of Sheik Yusuf Booley to develop a balanced individual.

Jam 'Eyyatul Qurra' Pre-Primary Montessori and Hifth School was established in 2008. All staff are trained and qualified to work with the learners aged 2 - 6 yrs. We have a ratio of 1 teacher for every 10 learners. In our Montessori environment, we have 2 objectives. Firstly, allowing each child to experience the excitement of learning through choice, rather than being forced to learn. Secondly, helping the child to perfect all their natural tools for learning and therapy enabling them to maximize future learning situations.

Our school is fully equipped in all five learning areas of the classroom, PRACTICAL LIFE, SENSORIAL, MATHEMATICS, LANGUAGE and CULTURE, thus developing a positive attitude towards the school and gives a feeling of security, sense of order, concentration, self-confidence, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility towards others.

We teach our learners to recite the Holy Qur'an with proper pronunciation and Tajweed. We use the Yassarnul Qur'an part 1 and part 2, before moving on to inside reading of the Holy Qur'an and finally, once fluent, to memorize the Holy Qur'an. Islamic studies and Islamic etiquette are implemented daily.

Female School

The girl's school was officially opened on the 23rd January 2006 at the Habibia Sufi Masjid premises. Initially 50 girls were registered ranging in age from 4 years to 18 years. In 2008, a pre-school was established that accommodated 30 learners. The girls campus has since relocated to it's permanent premises in Schaapkraal. The current enrollment: Hifz classes - 80 girls and Pre-Primary - 40 learners and we expect significant growth in the area. Several young girls have already completed Hifz at JEQ Girls Haafith Institute.

The female campus is ably administered by Faiza Lamara-Toefy who oversees the general management of the School. Faiza holds a Bachelors Degree of Human Sciences, majoring in Islamic Psychology, from the International Islamic University of Malaysia; a certificate in Arabic from Frajr Center, Egypt; as well we a Diploma in Management of NPO's from the University of Stellenbosch. She has been with JEQ Girls since it's inception in 2006.

Overseeing the educators is the principal, Hafitha Ruqaya Samodien-Jansen. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic from Al-Fath University, Damascus; a Diploma in Arabic from Abu Nur Arabic Institution, Damascus; and is currently pursuing her Honours Degree in Arts and Humanities Foreign Languages (Arabic) at the University of the Western Cape. She started teaching at the girls' school during 2008. Ruqaya completed Hifth under the guidance of Sheik Yusuf Booley. She is supported and mentored by Sheik Sulaiman Benjamin.

The pre-school is managed by Nawal Jardine-Abdooroft. Nawal holds a Diploma in the Montessori method of teaching from the Early Learning Foundation, various certificates in Islamic Studies and Tajwid, as well as a Certificate in Pediatrics and First Aid. She is also a member of the South African Montessori Association and successfully combines the Montessori teaching method with the Islamic Studies programme in the pre-school.

Male School

 The campus was established on the 11th February 2001 and is situated off 5th Avenue in Schaapkraal. The school premises were generously donated by a well known businessman from the community, may Allah bless him and his family insha'Allah, Ameen. The boys' campus includes a hostel that accomodates 30 boys with adequate bathroom and kitchen facilities. The school premises also include recreational facilities such as a swimming pool, squash court and a large playground.

The hostel has a dedicated medical practitioner as well as an educational psychologist. Both these professionals have volunteered their services 'free of charge' to the school and are available when the need arises. The hostel also employs a dedicated chef as well as house parents who ensure that the boys are properly cared for after school hours.

During the month of Ramadaan the boys are required to lead Taraweegh Salah and they read the entire Qur'an in preparation for their final tamat (graduation). This practice strengthens their public reading and leadership abilities.

 Many young boys have completed Hifth through the institution and many have since become well known for their recitation abilities throughout South Africa. One hundred and thirty five boys are currently registered at the school.

The boy's campus is ably administered by Hafith Achmat Siers who oversees the general management of the school. Achmat Siers completed his Hifth under the guidance of Sheik Yusuf Booley. Overseeing the educators is the principal, Sheik Abdul Karriem Davids. The Educators are qualified to ensure that the learners are provided with quality Hifth instruction.


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