Learning is a natural and spontaneous urge in all children. Understanding this secret has led us at Jam’Eyyatul Qurra’ Pre-Primary School to combine the proven Montessori system with the tested memorizing methodology of Sh. Yusuf Booley, to develop a balanced individual.

Jam'Eyyatul Qurra’ Pre-Primary Montessori and Hifth School was established in 2008. We treat children as individuals, where the child is assessed and observed daily through their work.

All staff are trained and qualified to work with the learners aged 3 to 6 yrs.

The teacher to learner ratio of 1:10.

Allah has created every child with a desire to learn, a natural curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.

At the Montessori Pre-Primary School, we have two objectives,
Firstly, by allowing each child to experience the excitement of learning through choice, rather than being forced to learn.
Secondly, by helping the child to perfect all their natural tools for learning, their ability will be at a maximum for future learning situations.

Children retain their ability to learn by absorbing until the age of 7 yrs old. Children can learn to read, write and calculate in the same natural way that they learn to walk and talk.

We also teach our children to recite the Holy Quraan with proper pronunciation and Tajweed. We use the Yasarnul Quraan part 1 & 2, before moving on to inside reading of the Holy Quraan and finally, once fluent, to memorize the Holy Quraan.

With the Qoedrah of Almighty Allah and the proven methodologies, your child would receive the best of both worlds, being able to read and write in English as well as reciting the Holy Quraan, thus making Jam'Eyyatul Qurra’ a unique experience for any child.

Jam’Eyyatul Qurra’ Pre-Primary School welcomes you. Thank you for choosing us as your school of choice.