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School Rules

• General Principles

• School and Class Attendance

• School Uniform and General Appearance

• Valuable and Personal Belongings

• General Rules

• Rules Governing Public Places

• School Enrichment Programme

Disciplinary interventions and sanctions

Disciplinary Committee:

Dr Yusuf Lalkhen, Sheik Suleiman Benjamin, Nazeema Omar (principal).

Jam’eyyatul Qurra’ is committed to providing an environment for the delivery of quality teaching and learning by:

• Promoting the rights and safety of all learners, teachers and parents.
• Ensuring learners’ responsibility for their own actions and behaviours.
• Prohibiting all forms of unfair discrimination and intolerance.
• Eliminating disruptive and offensive conduct, including bullying.

General principles

The Code of Conduct spells out the rules regarding learner behaviour at the School and describes the disciplinary system to be implemented by the School concerning transgressions by learners.

Section 8(4) of the SA Schools Act provides that all learners attending a School are bound by the Code of Conduct of that School.

The School rules are intended to establish a disciplined and purposeful environment to facilitate effective teaching and learning at the School. Nothing shall exempt a learner from complying with the School rules. Ignorance of School rules is, therefore, not an acceptable excuse.

No learner has the right at any time to behave in a manner that will disrupt the learning activity of other learners, or will cause another learner physical or emotional harm.

The School will contact parents/guardians when a learner’s behaviour becomes a cause of concern and will endeavour, in a spirit of constructive partnership, to resolve the problem.

If a learner does not attend School regularly, the relevant register teacher will report the absence of the learner to the parent and the Principal in writing.

All learners are to arrive at School before the official starting time. Learners who are late for School will be marked absent as registers are completed at the beginning of each School day.

School and Class Attendance

• Any absence from School must be covered by an absentee note from a parent/guardian.

• Should a learner be absent from School for a period of three (3) days or longer, this leave of absence must be supported by a letter from a medical doctor.

• Any absence from a formal examination, test or task must be supported by a letter from a medical doctor.

• No learner may leave the School during School hours without a letter from a parent/guardian requesting the release of their child and the permission of the Principal from whom an exit note must be obtained.

School Uniform and General Appearance

• Learners are expected to wear the official School uniform and appear neat and tidy at all times.

• 0nly small stud or sleeper earrings and a watch are allowed.

• Fingernails must be kept trimmed short and clean at all times.

• During events that allow the wearing of casual wear, learners should wear neat, presentable clothes. Hair, shoes and accessories should be neat at all times.

Valuables and Personal Belongings

• The School will not be held responsible for theft of or damage to personal belongings on School premises (bags, books and clothing).

• Learners are not allowed to bring cell phones, large sums of money and other valuables to school.

• If a learner has to pay School fees on behalf of the parent, such School fees should be paid before the start of the School day. The money must be in an envelope with the name and surname of the learner as well as the amount and the date of payment. A receipt will be issued on the day.

• Arrangements should be made with the teacher for safekeeping of valuables, etc. during sports practices.

• Learners may not bring computer games, iPods or similar electronic devices to School, unless requested to do so.

General Rules

• Loitering and/or playing in and around the corridors, stairwells and toilets are not allowed.

• All litter must be placed in refuse bins or wastepaper baskets.

• Disruptive, unruly, rude and/or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.

• Fighting or threatening of other learners is forbidden.

• The learner will respect those learners in positions of authority. A learner who is in a position of authority will conduct him/herself in a manner befitting someone in authority. S/he will respect the rights of other learners and will not abuse such authority bestowed upon him/her through his/her position.

• Learners must keep clear of areas that are indicated as out of bounds. These include:
I. The parking area.
II. The playing areas when it is not break or sport training
III. Electrical mains distribution boxes, fire extinguishers and hoses.

School Enrichment Programme

Involvement in activities making up the School Enrichment Programme forms a valuable and integral part of the holistic education of every learner. All learners are, therefore, expected to become actively involved in sport, cultural and/or service activities.
The learner is expected to adopt the correct etiquette pertaining to the specific activity at all times. Appropriate kit/uniform will be worn to practices.

Disciplinary Interventions and sanctions
The following list of interventions and corrective measures used by the School are aimed at correcting behaviour before suspension and expulsion:

1 A verbal warning/reprimand to express disapproval
2 Written warning
3 Final written warning
6 Community service to improve the physical environment within and around the School property
7 Homework detention
8 De-merit
9 Referral for counselling
10 Temporary suspension of school-related privileges
11 Exclusion from school activities and functions, e.g. academic award ceremony
12 Temporary suspension from class or School, pending disciplinary hearing
13 Disciplinary hearing
14 Failure to comply with interventions and corrective measures will lead to further interventions and may lead to the offence being categorised at a higher grade.


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