Code of conduct


  • Dress Code is White Thaub + White pants + White Turban + White Fez + White vest/sweater + School Jersey.
  • Hair must be kept 1 length, short & neat. Students will not be taught after I day reminder until hair is cut as mentioned.
  • Students are not to have any tattoos or wear any jewelry; only a wristwatch and medical indicators are allowed.


  • School starts 07h30 sharp. Any amount of time lost for whatever the reason after 07h30 will be paid back by the student that very day when School is dismissed.
  • Absenteeism & Late coming has a negative effect upon the learning of the students. Only reasons from Parents in writing, telephone call or e-mail for absenteeism will be accepted. No verbal reasons or notes from students will be accepted.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any cards, games or digital equipment to the school.
  • Should the student be unable to recite for the day due to illness or injury, Parents will be called to collect their son after assessment by management.
  • Parents must make prior arrangements before collecting students for appointments or emergencies, no student will be allowed to leave the school before dismissal times.
  • Any person collecting the student before dismissal times must come up to the office to sign a release form.


  • The student’s progress will be monitored via a Qur’an Monitoring Book, which must be signed by the Teacher & Parent on a daily basis. A monthly progress report will be sent to parents via the student on the 1st working day of the new month. Parents are urged to request this report from the student in the interest of the child’s progress.
  • Students will be marked for misdemeanors after numerous reminders from Teachers, they will then be placed in Detention the following week for 1 hour Mon-Thurs & the Parents will be notified with a letter.
  • Parents are reminded that your son needs to sit for a minimum of 3 HOURS DAILY reading his Quraan.
  • To uphold discipline of students of Quraan, any students who are involved in fighting or caught smoking will be asked to remain at home for approximately 10 days to reflect on his actions.
  • Cell phones are to be handed in to the office when school commences and be collected when the student is dismissed. Any student who is found with a cell phone in his possession which was not handed in at the office will be confiscated, and handed back to the Parent the last school day of the academic year.
  • The school will not issue any medication to any student, unless permission is given in writing by Parents/Guardian.
  • Parents are urged to have all documents filed away in order to maintain the line of communication with the School.

Note: Jam Eyyatul Qurra does not take responsibility for any injury, loss or damages incurred by your son’s activities at the school.

Parents are requested to communicate via e-mail

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083 365 1151 [WHATSAPP]

Achmad Siers [On behalf of JEQ Boys]

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