advocateThe formation of the Sheikh Yusuf Booley Foundation is the beginning of a new chapter in the illustrious history, not only of one of South Africa's distinguishes Qur'an teachers, Sheikh Muhammed Yusuf Booley, but also of the history of Huffaz in South Africa as a whole.

Seldom in the intellectual landscape of Islam have there been scholars, sheikhs, ulema and imams who have not memorized the entire Qur'an or at least a portion of it.

The history of Islam from the time of the Companions to the present day bears witness to the achievements of the memorizers who have advanced to excel in many fields of human endeavor inspired by what they have imbibed.

The great and historical role of the Huffath in the preservation of the authenticity and accuracy of the Noble Qur'an aside, there is the undoubted role that such memorization enables such individuals to practice the science of Akhlaq and thus attain refinement of their personalities, clearly a much treasured ambition of all parents for their beloved children.

Such children who have imbibed the Noble Qur'an and who strive for the refinement of their character and personalities are worth their weight in gold. If a political, religious, economic or ideological system is judged by the individual it produces, then such challenge is that of the Sheikh Yusuf Booley Foundation.

The support to be given to the Sheikh Yusuf Booley Foundation by the Muslim community is also a challenge for which history has shown that such challenge is always met by the economic generosity and large heartedness of many of those blessed by Allah Almighty and the moral and material support of concerned parents and of the pious.

Hafith Abu Bakr Mahomed
Graduate of Sheikh Yusuf Booley (1959),
Senior Counsel and former Acting Judge,
Adv of the High Court of South Africa,
Adv of Dubai International Court,
Chairman of Sheikh Yusuf Booley Foundation.

About the Foundation

The concept of having a foundation was initiated by Adnan Adams and Luqman Lamara in 2001. They wanted to see growth of the Qur'an by a Hafith institute that would be able to be financially sustainable.

It was decided that the best way to approach this 'project' was to interview a few past students of Sheikh Yusuf Booley about their Qur'anic studies and how they progressed from there to attain great heights academically. Adnan Adams, Luqman Lamara and Zaddiq Bailey were given the task to interview Dr Ahmad Omer in Johannesburg, Moulana Ebrahim Limalia, Moulana Abdurrahim Khan, Hafith Zahiruddin Kazee and Hafith Advocate Abu Bakr Mahomed in Durban. These academics used their studies as a springboard to prepare their minds and intellect for their intended careers. These interviews were held to canvas the idea of a foundation and its workings. It was also used to get their moral and financial support.

The Foundation was financially launched in November 2007 at the Capetonian Hotel. Prominent dignitaries attended this ground-breaking event. The rationale was to co-opt the broader public to participate in the activities of the foundation and to also sustain the programmes under the umbrella of JEQ.

Shortly after this event, trustees were appointed across South Africa on the Sheikh Yusuf Booley Foundation.


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