Assalaamu Alaikum

Shukran for your interest in contributing towards the Pledge follow the link below. The following will happen when you follow the link:


  1. Link will take you to mobical pledge page
  2. It will ask you to sign up with name, surname, email and cell number
  3. It will then allow you to pledge
  4. After selecting it will take you to payfast
  5. On payfast page you can pay EFT or CC
  6. Once completed it will send you a payment notification
  7. It will send Mariam (JEQ Administation) payment received notification
  8. If you already a user then it will automatically log you in recognising you from a cookie on your computer etc.
  9. Similarly you can go via the app on your phone

Once again shukran for your contribution!

Follow the link here:


Shukran so much!


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